Marriage License Requirements

Marriage Certificate Request Instructions

Please provide the following information with each request for a certified copy of a Marriage Certificate:

  • A letter providing the name of the parties to the marriage
  • The date of marriage for each record requested
  • A check or money order in the full amount charged for each certificate; the current charges are $5 for each short form certificate and $7 for each long form certificate - please do not send cash by mail.
  • A pre-stamped envelope with the address of the location where the documents are to be sent; please be sure to provide sufficient postage for multiple document orders

Short & Long Form of Marriage Certificate Request

Please note that a “short form marriage certificate” appears as a document that is approximately 5 and a half by 8 size document. A “long form marriage certificate” is an 8 and a half by 11 size document. It is strongly recommended that you determine the correct form necessary for your use and purpose. The city clerk staff is not responsible to determine the form you may require.

Confidentiality Safety Notice

For your safety and for the protection of your records, the office of the city clerk will not respond to requests or provide specific information about any record by telephone, email, or fax. All special mail arrangements such as overnight mailing, two-day mail, return receipt mail must be pre-paid in advance or will otherwise be sent by regular mail. We appreciate your patience and cooperation concerning your personal information.

William J. Maloney,
City Clerk