City Of Lawrence


Announces Reinstatement of Lawrence Police Officials

“Mayor Lantigua forecasts a new day in Lawrence”
Announces Reinstatement of Lawrence Police Officials
March 30, 2012
Immediate Release

Mayor William Lantigua announced the reinstatement of eleven Police Officials today in a ceremony in his City Hall office.  The eleven officials have been reinstated back to their previous ranks prior to demotions and layoffs in 2010.   As a result of severe budgetary constraints and a massive structural deficit, the City of Lawrence laid off and demoted officials to balance the FY’11 budget.   Today the Mayor reversed those demotions and also promoted an additional Sergeant to the ranks in an effort to fully staff specialized units. 

“Thanks to the close monitoring of overtime, not filling vacant positions upon retirements and an overall healthier fiscal climate, these reinstatements are financially possible at this time,” stated Mayor Lantigua.  “After speaking with Chief John Romero and newly restored Captain Scott McNamara, President of the Lawrence Superior Officers Association, I am convinced that these reinstatements will not only boast department morale, but will be a tool to reestablish our specialized units that have a proven track record in this City and throughout the commonwealth.  This marks a new day for our City and my administration,” emphasized Mayor Lantigua. 

For the past month, Mayor Lantigua and Chief Romero have been meeting to improve the lines of communication and to strategize on ways to improve the Lawrence Police Department and the City as a whole.  “This is great news for our City and this decision by Mayor Lantigua to reinstate officials allows us to reestablish our special units to effectively and proactively police our city.  We are all on the same page and I welcome this new day,” stated Chief Romero.  

State Appointed Fiscal Overseer, Robert Nunes also took part in today’s announcement and expressed optimism in moving forward.  “In the two years I've served as Fiscal Overseer, this moment will serve as one of the highlights. The Mayor, the Police Chief and the residents of Lawrence all understood the challenges we faced when we were initially forced to make the original cuts. Now that we are in a better fiscal position, it’s a sign of their cooperation and dedication that we can not only restore these important public safety positions, but make sure they are sustainable for the future. This is a big win for the residents of the City of Lawrence,” stated Nunes. 

"This agreement not only is a huge boost in morale for the members of the L.P.S.O.A. but it comes at a great time.  With the summer months approaching the police department will be able to bring back many of the specialty units that once made us so successful in preventing the underlying conditions that lead to crime”, stated Captain McNamara.  "Seeing our members restored to their previous ranks is important to us and we are grateful that Mayor Lantigua has found away to make that happen.  This is truly a new day for the City of Lawrence”, further stated a very gracious Captain McNamara, who was an important partner in this agreement. 

Today’s announcement will become effective Sunday April 1st with the official reinstatement of two captains, four lieutenants, and five sergeants.  The new sergeant promotion will also take effect on this day.   As part of the today’s announcement, the L.P.S.O.A. also announced that their members will be modifying their work schedules when needed to cover shifts that would otherwise be filled on an overtime basis.  This will represent a considerable cost savings to the City of Lawrence and will ensure appropriate supervision for each shift.