In order to obtain a business certificate, please be aware that the process requires verification that real estate taxes and assessments, water use, and inspectional service citations and fees are paid and up-to-date for the location of your business [even if you rent or lease the location – the owner must be up to date on these payments]. This task MUST be completed “in person” by an authorized individual of your firm or company and cannot be completed the City Clerk Staff of other City personnel. All applications and forms can be provided to the person representing your firm appears or may be obtained on the City of Lawrence website.

In order to complete the Business Certificate it is necessary to have at least one Corporate Officer of the company or an owner of the business execute the application under the section entitled “BUSINESS OWNER’S FULL NAME(S)”. Any and all signature(s) must be notarized at the time of execution by a notary public. If the business is a corporation, please provide the location of the corporate headquarters in addition to the Lawrence business location. Please note that filing a business certificate with the City of Lawrence will not result in the exclusive reservation of your business or trade name. Additional filings with other State and/or Federal Agencies may be required in order to secure exclusive use of a business name or trade name. Please consult directly with any such agency or your legal counsel to determine these requirements. Once signatures have been provided by the owner or corporate officer and all payment of taxes and assessments have been verified, please present the application to the Office of the City Clerk with payment of $30.00 for new, renewed, or amended business certificates. Once registered, the “Business Certificates” are valid for four years from date registration and filing is complete with the Office of the City Clerk. If you are withdrawing your business, please complete the form indicating that it is for the purpose of “withdrawal” and file the form with the City Clerk. A fee of $20.00 is due upon filing the withdrawal of your business.

Please feel free to contact the Office of the City Clerk if you require more information regarding this matter.

Please click here fill it out, print the PDF application and bring it to the City Clerk office at City Hall