Cemetery Price List

Price List Effective October 1, 2014

City Resident:

Single Grave: $850.00
2 Grave Lots: $1700.00
Additional Lots: $850.00



Deed Recording Fee for all lot purchases: $30.00

Monument Setting Permit Fee: $75.00

Burial Openings:

Adults: $1000.00
Winter: $1200.00
Child(under 10 yrs) $500.00

Monument Inscription Fee: $25.00


Cemetery Grave Box: $500.00
Vault Installation: $125.00

Public Grounds: $1000.00 (residents only)
Veteran Bronze Marker: $140.00
Flush Granite Marker: $100.00
Veteran Flag Holder: $15.00
Cremations: $490.00
Disinterment: $1600.00
Tent Canopy Setup: $150.00
Overtime Charges: * Burials after 2:00PM (weekdays): $450.00
* Saturday Funerals before 12:00 Noon and Monday Funerals called in after 12:00 Noon Friday: $450.00
* $185.00/additional hour (arrivals after 12:00 PM on Saturday)

Cemetery requires a Twenty Four Hour notice for Grave Openings. All lots must be paid in full at the time of purchase. Full payment must be received in advance for grave openings. Burial permits and interment forms must be received on the day of burial. Please call the office to verify any Holiday Closings.