Collection Schedule

The following holidays may delay each district’s collection by a day:

New Year’s Day   Monday, January 1st
Martin Luther King’s Birthday Monday, January 16th Monday, January 15th
Washington’s Birthday Monday, February 20th Monday, February 19th
Memorial Day Monday, May 29th Monday, May 28th
Independence Day Tuesday, July 4th Monday, July 4th
Labor Day Monday, Sept 4th Monday, September 3rd
Columbus Day Monday, Oct 9th Monday, October 8th
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, Nov 23rd Thursday, November 22th
Christmas Day Monday, Dec 25th Tuesday, December 25th

Street list trash collection schedule

Street Name Date
Adams St Monday
Amherst St Monday
Andover St (state st to ballard rd) Monday
Atkinson Ct Monday
Atkinson St Monday
Ayer Rd Monday
Ballard Wy Monday
Barnard Rd Monday
Beacon Av Monday
Beacon St Monday
Beaconsfield St Monday
Belknap St Monday
Beresford St Monday
Bigelow Ct Monday
Bigelow St Monday
Border St Monday
Bourque St Monday
Bowdoin St Monday
Boyd St Monday
Brookfield St Monday
Burke St Monday
Burlington St Monday
Carlton St Monday
Carlson Rd Monday
Carver St Monday
Castle St Monday
Chapin St Monday
Chester St Monday
Cleveland St Monday
Clifton St Monday
Coolidge St Monday
Copley St Monday
Corbett Rd Monday
Coleman St Monday
Court St Monday
Crestshire Dr Monday
Crestwood Ci Monday
Crosby St Monday
Cyr Dr Monday
Dana St Monday
Danforth St Monday
Davis St Monday
Debbie Ln Monday
Devonshire St Monday
Dracut St Monday
Dunstable St Monday
Durham St Monday
East Gilbert St Monday
East Kingston St Monday
East Sylvester St Monday
Easton St Monday
Eaton St Monday
Ellis St Monday
Emmett St Monday
Everett St Monday
Fallon St Monday
Farley St Monday
Ferguson St Monday
Fowler St Monday
Foxcroft St Monday
Front St Monday
Furber St Monday
Genesee St Monday
Gilbert St Monday
Glenn St Monday
Glenwood Dr Monday
Gorham St Monday
Grant Rd Monday
Granville St Monday
Groton St Monday
Hale St Monday
Hamlet St Monday
Harrison St Monday
Hawley St Monday
Hough St Monday
Inman St Monday
International Wy Monday
James St Monday
Jefferson St Monday
Kathleen Te Monday
Kenneth St Monday
Kingston St Monday
Lafayette Av Monday
Landover Rd Monday
LaSalle Av Monday
Lawrencian Dr Monday
Leeds Te Monday
Lennox Ci Monday
Lennox St Monday
Liberty Av Monday
Lisa Ln Monday
Lorenzo Rd Monday
Louisburg St Monday
Madison St Monday
Marc Ln Monday
Marie Ln Monday
Marique Dr Monday
Martha Ln Monday
McCarthy Rd Monday
McKinley Av Monday
Monroe St Monday
Montrose Av Monday
Mount Auburn St Monday
Mount Vernon Ci Monday
Mount Vernon St Monday
Mount Vernon Te Monday
Newton St Monday
Oakland Rd Monday
Packard St Monday
Pembroke Dr Monday
Pere Marquette Av Monday
Plummer Rd Monday
Ridgewood Ci Monday
Ridgewood Ln Monday
Rita Ln Monday
Roberta Ln Monday
Rockwood Ln Monday
Rowe St Monday
Salem St (Everett st to Carver st) Monday
Sanborn St Monday
Shattuck St Monday
Shaw St Monday
Shephard St Monday
South Bowdoin St Monday
South Boylston St Monday
South Broadway St Monday
South St Monday
Sparkle Dr Monday
State St Monday
Stevens Av Monday
Stevens St Monday
Sylvester St Monday
Taft St Monday
Tewksbury St Monday
Thomas Rd Monday
Tyler St Monday
Weare St Monday
Webster St Monday
Wedgewood Rd Monday
West Beacon St Monday
West Hawley St Monday
West Kenneth St Monday
Westchester Dr Monday
Westwood Te Monday
Winston Dr Monday
Wolcott Av Monday
Wood Ln Monday
Zanni Av Monday
Abbott St Tuesday
Andover St (state st to shawsheen rd) Tuesday
Bailey St Tuesday
Blanchard St Tuesday
Boxford St Tuesday
Cabot Rd Tuesday
Cambridge St Tuesday
Chickering St Tuesday
Colonial Dr Tuesday
Colonial Rd Tuesday
Colonial Te Tuesday
Crawford St Tuesday
Cutler St Tuesday
Dolen Ct Tuesday
Dorchester St Tuesday
Durso Av Tuesday
East St Tuesday
Emerald Av Tuesday
Exeter Pl Tuesday
Exeter St Tuesday
Exeter Te Tuesday
East Cambridge St Tuesday
Falmouth St Tuesday
Farnham St Tuesday
Foster St Tuesday
Garfield St Tuesday
Grafton St Tuesday
Greenfield St Tuesday
Halsey St Tuesday
Hurst St Tuesday
Jamaica St Tuesday
Kent St Tuesday
Loring St Tuesday
Lynn St Tuesday
Market St Tuesday
Marlboro St Tuesday
Merrimack St (South union st to 495 bridge) Tuesday
North Parish Rd Tuesday
Osgood St Tuesday
Parker St Tuesday
Patton St Tuesday
Phillips St Tuesday
Pilgrim Rd Tuesday
Portland St Tuesday
Proctor Rd Tuesday
Prospect Wy Tuesday
Salem St (carver st to shawsheen rd) Tuesday
Shawsheen Ct Tuesday
Shawsheen Rd Tuesday
South Union St Tuesday
Springfield St Tuesday
Standish Rd Tuesday
Temple St Tuesday
Vandergrift St Tuesday
Washington Wy Tuesday
Winthrop Av Tuesday
Wood Wy Tuesday
Allston St Wednesday
Alvin St Wednesday
Arrow Te Wednesday
Ash St Wednesday
Berkeley Ct Wednesday
Berkeley St Wednesday
Blaser Ct Wednesday
Boehm St Wednesday
Boston St Wednesday
Brookline St Wednesday
Campo Seco St Wednesday
Canton St Wednesday
Cherry St Wednesday
Clarence Te Wednesday
Clarke St Wednesday
Colby St Wednesday
Conduit St Wednesday
Cornish Rd Wednesday
Cornish St (jackson st to swan st) Wednesday
Cranshaw Pl Wednesday
Custer St Wednesday
Dale St Wednesday
East Haverhill St (steiner st to berkley st) Wednesday
East Platt St Wednesday
East Pleasant St Wednesday
Eastside St Wednesday
Ferry St Wednesday
Fulton St Wednesday
Grace Te Wednesday
Grove St Wednesday
Hamilton St Wednesday
Harriman St Wednesday
Hey St Wednesday
High St Wednesday
Highlawn Av Wednesday
Hoffman Av Wednesday
Home St Wednesday
Howard St Wednesday
Howe Ct Wednesday
Hill St Wednesday
John St Wednesday
Jordan Av Wednesday
Josephine Av Wednesday
Katherine St Wednesday
Keighly Ct Wednesday
Kendall St Wednesday
King St Wednesday
Klier Ct Wednesday
Kress St Wednesday
Knox St (jackson st to prospect st) Wednesday
Leroy Av Wednesday
Leslie St Wednesday
Lindner Ct Wednesday
Linehan St Wednesday
Logan St Wednesday
Mann St Wednesday
Marston St Wednesday
Midland St Wednesday
Montgomery St Wednesday
Moran Ct Wednesday
Norris St Wednesday
North Boylston St Wednesday
Oakwood Av Wednesday
Platt Ct Wednesday
Platt St Wednesday
Pleasant Pl Wednesday
Pleasant St Wednesday
Pleasant Te Wednesday
Plisch Wy Wednesday
Prospect Ct Wednesday
Prospect St Wednesday
Ridge Rd Wednesday
Rollins St Wednesday
Sargent Av Wednesday
Sargent St Wednesday
Saxonia Av Wednesday
Sheridan St Wednesday
Sherman Pl Wednesday
Sherman St Wednesday
Silesia Ct Wednesday
Spring St Wednesday
Steiner St Wednesday
Stevens Ct Wednesday
Storrow St Wednesday
Storrow Te Wednesday
Summit Av Wednesday
Sumner Av Wednesday
Sunray St Wednesday
Sutcliffe Ct Wednesday
Swan St Wednesday
Thornton St Wednesday
Tobey St Wednesday
Vermont St Wednesday
Vine St Wednesday
Wayne St Wednesday
Webster Ct Wednesday
Wesley St Wednesday
Wilbur St Wednesday
William St Wednesday
Woodland Ct Wednesday
Woodland St Wednesday
Young Av Wednesday
Albion St Thursday
Alder St Thursday
Allen St Thursday
Allyn Te Thursday
Alma St Thursday
Amesbury St Thursday
Appleton St Thursday
Arlington St Thursday
Arlington Te Thursday
Arlitt Ct Thursday
Auburn S Thursday
Avon St Thursday
Basswood St Thursday
Belmont St Thursday
Bennington St Thursday
Berkeley St Thursday
Birch Dr Thursday
Birch St Thursday
Bradford St (oliver place to broadway) Thursday
Broadway St (odd numbers) Thursday
Bromfield St Thursday
Brook St Thursday
Bruce St Thursday
Bunkerhill St Thursday
Buswell St Thursday
Camden St Thursday
Canal St Thursday
Cedar St Thursday
Centre St Thursday
Chelmsford St Thursday
Chardon St Thursday
Chestnut St Thursday
Clinton Ct Thursday
Common St Thursday
Concord St Thursday
County St Thursday
Cross St (broadway to hampshire st) Thursday
Currier St Thursday
Daisy St Thursday
Dempsey Ct Thursday
Durant St Thursday
East Haverhill St (berkley st to haverhill st) Thursday
Elm St Thursday
Erving Av Thursday
Essex St (broadway to union st) Thursday
Eutaw St Thursday
Exchange St Thursday
Fairmont St Thursday
Fern St Thursday
Fitz St Thursday
Franklin St Thursday
Garden St Thursday
Graichen Ct Thursday
Green St Thursday
Hall St Thursday
Haverhill St (broadway to east haverhill st) Thursday
Hemlock St Thursday
Highland St Thursday
Holly St Thursday
Huse St Thursday
Island St Thursday
Jackson Ct Thursday
Jackson St Thursday
Jackson Te Thursday
Juniper St Thursday
Kendrick St Thursday
Knox St (jackson st to thorndike st) Thursday
Lawrence St Thursday
Lea St Thursday
Lebanon St Thursday
Lexington St Thursday
Lincoln Ct Thursday
Lowell St (broadway to lawrence st) Thursday
Maple St Thursday
Marion Av Thursday
Mayflower St Thursday
McAuliffe Av Thursday
Mechanic St Thursday
Methuen St Thursday
Mill St Thursday
Milford St Thursday
Monmouth St Thursday
Myrtle Ct Thursday
Myrtle St Thursday
Newbury St Thursday
Oak St Thursday
Oakside Av Thursday
Orchard St Thursday
Park St Thursday
Pemberton St Thursday
Poplar St Thursday
Rhine St Thursday
Robinson Ct Thursday
Saratoga St Thursday
Saratoga Te Thursday
Sanders St Thursday
Short St Thursday
Spruce St Thursday
Stearns Av Thursday
Summer St Thursday
Sunset Av Thursday
Tenney St Thursday
Thorndike St Thursday
Tremont St (broadway to lebanon st) Thursday
Trenton St Thursday
Trinity St Thursday
Union St Thursday
Valley St Thursday
Walnut St Thursday
Wells St Thursday
White St Thursday
Whitman St Thursday
Willow St Thursday
Wilmot St Thursday
Wyman St Thursday
Acton St Friday 
Alden Ct Friday 
Ames St Friday
Arbor St Friday
Archer St Friday
Barker St Friday
Bay State Rd Friday
Bedford St Friday
Bellevue St Friday
Bennett St Friday
Bernard Av Friday
Bevel St Friday
Bicknell Te Friday
Blakelin St Friday
Blakemore Ct Friday
Bodwell St Friday
Bradford Pl Friday
Bradford St (broadway to hampshire st) Friday
Broadway St (even numbers) Friday
Butler St Friday
Byron Av Friday
Canterbury St Friday
Caulkins Ct Friday
Champlain Av Friday
Chandler St Friday
Clyde Ln Friday
Colfax Av Friday
Columbus Av Friday
Community Av Friday
Congress St Friday
Crescent St Friday
Cross St (manchester st to broadway) Friday
Currant Hill Rd Friday
Cypress Av Friday
Cypress St Friday
Dartmouth St Friday
Dawes St Friday
Dewey St Friday
Doyle St Friday
Elizabeth St Friday
Embackment St Friday
Endicott St Friday
Essex Av (riverside dr to broadway)+ Friday
Floral St Friday
Florence Av Friday
Florence Ct Friday
Florence St Friday
Fordham Rd Friday
Forest St Friday
Freeman Ct Friday
French St Friday
Gale St Friday
Greenwood St Friday
Hallenan Av Friday
Hampton St Friday
Hancock St Friday
Hanlon St Friday
Haverhill St (perry ave to broadway) Friday
Hazel Pl Friday
Highgate St Friday
Hillside Av Friday
Hilltop Av Friday
Hobson St Friday
Holt St Friday
Holton St Friday
Hubbard Pl Friday
Hudson Av Friday
Irene St Friday
Jasper St Friday
Jennings St Friday
Jordan St Friday
Kempton Ct Friday
Kenwood St Friday
Lake St Friday
Lansdowne Ct Friday
Linden St Friday
Lowell Te Friday
Lynch St Friday
Lowell St (west lowell st to broadway) Friday
Magnolia St Friday
Manchester St Friday
Marble Av Friday
Margin St Friday
Marshalls Wy Friday
Mason St Friday
Maurice Av Friday
May St Friday
McCabe Ct Friday
McFarlin Ct Friday
Meadow St Friday
Medford St Friday
Melrose Ct Friday
Melrose St Friday
Melrose Te Friday
Melvin St Friday
Merrimack View Ct Friday
Middlebury St Friday
Millville Av Friday
Milton St Friday
Morton St Friday
Nelson St Friday
Nesmith St Friday
Nightingale Ct Friday
Odile Ct Friday
Odile St Friday
Ohio Av Friday
Olive Av Friday
Oliver Pl Friday
Oregon Av Friday
Oxford St Friday
Pearl Av Friday
Pearl St Friday
Perry Av Friday
Plymouth St Friday
Providence St Friday
Railroad St Friday
Ramsden Te Friday
Reservoir St Friday
Reservoir Te Friday
Richmond St Friday
Richmond Ct Friday
Riverside Dr Friday
Riverview Pl Friday
School St Friday
Shawmut St Friday
Showell Ct Friday
Smith St Friday
Stafford St Friday
Texas Av Friday
Thornton Av Friday
Towerhill St Friday
Tremont St (west st to broadway) Friday
Tudor Av Friday
Wachusetts Av Friday
Warren St Friday
Warwick Ct Friday
Warwick St Friday
Warwick Te Friday
Washington St Friday
Water St Friday
Wendell St Friday
West Lowell St Friday
West St Friday
Willoughby St Friday
Winslow Pl Friday
Winter St Friday
Yale St Friday
Yale Te Friday