Commission on Disability

Nine (9) Member openings;

The Commission on Disability shall consist of Nine (9) members, Three (3) members shall serve Three (3) year term; Two (2) members shall serve Two (2) year terms; and Three members shall serve a One (1) year term. All new appointments shall serve Three (3) year terms. A majority of the commission shall be composed of handicapped persons, and One (1) of such members may be a member of the immediate family of such handicapped person, and One (1) member of said commission shall be either an elected or an appointed official of the city.

The Commission on Disability shall have the following responsibility;

A. The commission shall coordinate and carry out programs designed to address issues concerning persons with disabilities in coordination with programs of the Massachusetts Office on Disability. The commission shall research local issues and needs of the disability community and shall coordinate the activities of local groups organized for similar purposes. The commission shall also work with the city's disabilities coordinator. The commission may advertise, prepare, print and distribute books, maps, charts, plans and pamphlets necessary for its work. Further, the commission may also receive funds from the city or other sources. The commission may also receive gifts of property, both real and personal, in the name of the City of Lawrence subject to approval of the city council. Such gifts are to be managed and controlled by said commission for the purposes of this section. The city shall designate an employee to staff the commission with typical duties such as taking minutes, copying, mailings, coordination of meetings/office space, etc. The commission shall keep records of its meetings and actions and shall file an annual report, which shall be printed in the city annual report, and shall have at least six meetings annually.

B. The city shall designate the director of the department of public works or his or her designee as the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) coordinator for the city. It will be the ADA coordinator's duty to ensure that the city is in compliance with the ADA.


All members of boards, commissions, authorities, and committees of the city, whether appointed by the mayor or the city council, shall be residents of the city unless otherwise provided for in the General Laws or in the Municipal Code, with the exception that no more than three members of the airport commission may be nonresidents. Boards and Commissions Applications are available at the City of Lawrence, Office of the Mayor Daniel Rivera, 200 Common St. 3rd floor, Lawrence, MA 01840, or download an application at under the job posting/board openings page.

Deadline for applications is until selected and filled. Please send your application to the above said address. Said appointment is subject to the appointment of the Mayor Daniel Rivera and the confirmation of the Lawrence City Council.

The City of Lawrence is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Daniel Rivera, Mayor