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Lawrence, MA 01840
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Below are recent contracts awarded as the result of a bid solicitation.

Bid Contract Awarded To Amount
Fence Installation United Fence Corp. $29,379.02
Boiler Replacement & Glycol Services Ambient Temperature Corp. $144,400.00
Kingston Street Transportation Improvements Newport Construction $466,702.99
Elevator Repairs & Maintenance NOT AWARDED  
On-Call Communications Wiring Gone Green Electric $250,000.00
On-Call Glass & Screen Repairs Glass & Mirror, Inc. $100,00.00

Removal of Street & Catch Basin Cleanings

Street Sweeping - Capital Paper Recycling
Catch Basin - Dave Wickles Trucking


City Hall Annex Cleaning Services S. J. Services, Inc. $16,332.00
City Hall Annex Window Replacement ALL BIDS REJECTED NEW BID AVAIL 4/5/17  
Elevator Cab Improvements City Elevator Co., Inc. $23,370.00
Re-Bid City Hall Annex Window Replacement ALL BIDS REJECTED NEW BID AVAIL 4/26/17  
Bruce School Fire Remediation Wes Construction (DCAMM Waiver #2821) $1,045,810.00
VMS 400m Track Repair & Resurface Cape and Island Corp. $168,750.00
Street Sweeping Services Armic Power Sweeping (MVPC Contract) $100,000.00
Purchase of HVAC Equipment for Lawrence Public Library Carrier Corp. $83,400.00
Lawrence Public Library HVAC Replacement Ambient Temperature Corp. $457,300.00
Window Replacement Project GVW, Inc. $254,435.00
Lawrence High School Learning Center Boiler Replacement Project MSBA PROJ#201601490536 CAM HVAC & Construction, Inc. $1,014,500.00
Commercial Kitchen Equipment R & M Valley Services, Inc. $99,999.00
Personal Property Update, Collection & Valuation Svcs (3 years) Real Estate Research $90,000.00
Real Property Revaluation Svcs (3 years) Real Estate Research $420,000.00
Elevator Improvements at City Hall Annex Embree Elevator $416,025.00
Install Pull Down Security Gates @ VMS (6-1-17) NO BIDS RECEIVED  
On-Call Fence Services (5-31-17) ALL BIDS REJECTED NEW BID AVAIL 7/5/17  
Removal of Street & Catch Basin Cleanings    
City Hall Annex Elevator Improvements Embree Elevator $416,025.00
Strategic Parking Management Plan Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates $128,470.00
Purchase of Used Vehicles for PD Sheehan's Service Station $17,400.00
Clean River Project Clean River Project $23,500.00
Temporary Public Nurse Services Moore Staffing $75,000.00
Tyler Technologies (City's Financial Software) 3 years SaaS Tyler Technologies $1,393,926.00
Pest Control Services 2 years B & B Pest Control $34,632.00
Elevator Repairs & Maintenance Embree Elevator $210,700.00
Textbooks & Novels  Advanced Educational Products (AEP) $20,959.98
Re-Bid On-Call Fence Services RAD Sports $133,428.00
Overhead Rolling Steel Doors for VMS Concession Stands Overhead Door Co. Southeast MA $23,633.00
Tree Trimming & Removal Services Pathfinder Tree Service LLC $73,040.00
Furnish & Install Street Name Signs Hi-Way Safety Systems, Inc. $122,400.00
Student Positive Play Program (SY 18-19) Playworks $62,000.00
Copy Paper W.B. Mason Co., Inc. $250,000.00
Upgrade of Theatrical Stage Lighting & Curtains Walker Specialties
Barbizon Light of NE
Reservoir Improvements DeLucca Fence Co. (guardrail)
Methuen Construction (hi-svc water tower spire repairs)
R. Bates & Sons, Inc.
Lawrence Sanitary Landfill Monitoring (2 years) Weston & Sampson Engineers, Inc. $36,300.00
Lease of Space for Kindergarten @ 526 Lowell Street Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston $190,913.50
SPED Transportation (5 years) NRT Bus $36,000,000.00
Purchase of Solar Radar/Variable Message Panels Traffic & Parking Control Co., Inc. $80,213.25
LED Lighting Upgrades at various city-owned buildings ENE Systems $1,058,833.00
FY2018 On-Call Sewer Excavation Emergency Response Services N. Granese & Sons, Inc. $339,640.00
Casey Bridge Lighting Project Giombetti Electric $75,220.00
Bill Printing & Mailing Services (2nd year) Boston Globe Direct $13,960.00
Traffic Signal Traffic Signal (construction mgmt) TEC, Inc. $10,000.00
SPED/IEP Student Data Management System w/Translation Services (3 years) Frontline Education $767,400.00
Purchase of 5 2017 Chevrolet Dump Trucks Liberty Chevrolet $264,870.00
Multicolor Valor 44" LED Light Bars Adamson Industries $23,750.00
Vehicle & Equipment Repairs ALL BIDS REJECTED AS NON-RESPONSIVE --------------
Integrated Student Data Warehousing & Dashboard Services ALL BIDS REJECTED - ALL PRICING OFFERED ARE BEYOND BUDGET ALLOWANCE


Rock Salt Eastern Minerals
Morton Salt
Miscellaneous Food Products    
Paper, Plastic & Cleaning Products    
Worker's Compensation TPA Services FutureComp $107,760.00
Continuum Equipment PM & Repair Services (3 years) Schneider Electric Buildings Americas, Inc. $204,075.00
On-Call Roof Repairs Weather Shield, Inc. $111,500.00
Sidewalk Repairs (3 years) Newport Construction $323,038.11
Bituminous Concrete P.J. Keating
Brox Industries
O'Connell South Park Improvements Kodiak Corporation $350,000.00
On-Call Door & Lock Installation (3 years) Pasek Corporation $172,730.00
Maintenance of Liebert Equipment at WTP (3 years) Vertiv Services $29,895.13
Manchester Street Bridge Demolition Kodiak Corporation $48,885.00
Removal of Asbestos-Contaminated Debris from Bennington Street NASDI, LLC $80,327.00
Lock Box Services (3 years) Century Bank  
Re-Bid of 2017 Bucket Truck for FD RBG, Inc. $86,991.00
Re-Bid of Vehicle & Equipment Repairs (3 years) ALL BIDS REJECTED  
#2 Heating Oil (3 years) Dennis K. Burke, Inc. $400,000.00
Screen Printed & Embroidered Apparel & Promotional Items Collegiate Promotions
My Marketing Solutions
Water & Sewer Supplies (3 years) Core & Main LP
Everett J. Prescott Inc.
F.W. Webb Company
Ti-Sales Inc.
Lease of Space for Office of Planning & Development ALL BIDS REJECTED  
Fire Extinguisher Service (3 years) Encore Fire Protection $18,500.00
On-Call Plumbing Services (3 years) R. H. White Construction Co., Inc. $206,406.40
3rd Re-Bid of Vehicle & Equipment Repairs (3 years) 145 Marston St. d/b/a Coady's Garage & Towing Service $90,900.00
Fire CAD Dispatch Software  Symposium Technologies USA $85,000.00
Rollins School Fire Restoration (DCAMM waiver #3127) Paul J. Rogan, Co. $1,800,000.00
Lease of Office Space for OPD (re-bid)    
Custodial Cleaning Services @ City Hall Annex Green Life Janitorial Corp. $41.,280.00
On-Call Communications Wiring (3 years) Gone Green Electric, LLC $64,225.80
Furnish & Install Exterior Awnings @ City Hall Annex Dorchester Awning Co. $11,257.00
Furnish & Install Window Shades @ City Hall Annex and as needed  DWC Designs, Inc. $58,239.00
On-Call Overhead Door Repairs & Replacement (3 years) American Garage Door & Glass, Inc. $115,140.00
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