The City of Lawrence records many of its public meetings [ie: City Council, City Council Subcommittee Meetings, Licensing Board, etc]. If you wish to obtain a video copy of a meeting that has been recorded, please obtain and complete the “Request form” from the Office of the City Clerk, 200 Common Street, Lawrence, MA or from the City Website [] and forward it to the City Clerk’s Office. The cost for production of each DVD is $10.00. An advance payment of no less than $10.00 is due at the time the order is placed. If the Clerk can determine an estimated number of DVD’s the reproduction may require, a deposit in the amount for each estimated DVD is required at the time of placing the order. Please contact the Office of the City Clerk to determine the availability of any meeting subject to your request and the amount that is initially due for advance payment. Delivery of the DVD copies will require the payment of any balance amount due at a rate of $10.00 per DVD actually provided [less any amount that initially paid].

Any recordings requested are subject to availability. Meetings may be unrecorded or unavailable for various reasons including, but not limited to technical difficulties, unrecorded meetings, unanticipated failures of equipment. Any order placed with an advance deposit will be refunded for recording failures due to City error. All deposits and advances provided with any order placed is non-refundable if completed. Any balance or amount due for orders completed must be paid before any recorded copies are delivered. Copies for any available meeting requested can ONLY be provided on DVD disc. No other recorded format is available.

Please contact the Office of the City Clerk if you require more information regarding this matter.

Click here for the DVD Request Form.

[updated: 5-20-11]