Historical Commission

The Lawrence Historical Commission consist of Seven (7) full time members which serve up to Three (3) year terms.

The Historical Commission shall have the following responsibility;

A. The historical commission shall have all of the powers and duties granted to historical commissions by General Laws, chapter 40, section 8D, and acts in amendment thereof and in addition thereto. The commission shall have, but not be limited to, the following general powers and duties.

B. To conduct a survey of Lawrence buildings for the purpose of determining those of historic significance, architecturally or otherwise, and pertinent facts about them, and to maintain and from time to time revise detailed listings of historic sites and buildings in Lawrence, and data about them, appropriately classified with respect to national, state or local significance, to period or field of interest, or otherwise;

C. To arrange for preparation and publication of maps and brochures and descriptive material about Lawrence historic sites and buildings, arrange for convenient walks or tours, or otherwise; To cooperate with and advise the community development department, the planning board, the redevelopment authority, and other city agencies in matters involving historic sites and buildings;

D. To cooperate with and enlist assistance for Lawrence from the National Park Service, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, and other agencies, public and private, from time to time concerned with historic sites and buildings;

E. To advise owners of historic buildings in Lawrence on problems of preservation;

F. To make recommendations with respect to any place determined by the commission to be of historical or archaeological landmark or nominated to the National Register of Historic Places;

G. To enter into contracts with individuals, organizations and institutions for services or for cooperative endeavors furthering the objectives of the commission's program; and

H. To seek and accept gifts, contributions, bequests and grants of funds from individuals, foundations and from federal, state and other governmental bodies for the purpose of furthering the commission's program.

I.  The Planning Department shall provide technical and clerical assistance to the historical commission.


All members of boards, commissions, authorities, and committees of the city, whether appointed by the mayor or the city council, shall be residents of the city unless otherwise provided for in the General Laws or in the Municipal Code, with the exception that no more than three members of the airport commission may be nonresidents. Boards and Commissions Applications are available at the City of Lawrence, Office of the Mayor Daniel Rivera, 200 Common St. 3rd floor, Lawrence, MA 01840, or download an application at www.cityoflawrence.com under the job posting/board openings page.

Deadline for applications is until selected and filled. Please send your application to the above said address. Said appointment is subject to the appointment of the Mayor Daniel Rivera and the confirmation of the Lawrence City Council.

The City of Lawrence is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Daniel Rivera, Mayor

Jonas Stundza  (stundza@hotmail.com)
(978) 685-4478

Glavielinys Cruz
Voting Member
(978) 609-5608

Donna Bertolino
Voting Member
(978) 204-9150

Chad Montrie
Voting Member
(978) 542-2653

Frank Giles  (FrankGilesSurvey@comcast.net)
Voting Member
(978) 490-5945

David Meehan
Voting Member

Kate Hernandez
Voting Member
978-884-3912(cell) 978-682-5423(home)

Anne-Marie Doherty  (ADoherty@cityoflawrence.com)
Administrative Asst.
(978) 620-3503

2nd Monday of the month – subject to change