Immigrant Place

Immigrant Place is a small park located on the corner of Chesnut Street and Short Street. Immigrant Place was dedicated in 1983 to all the immigrants to Lawrence who left the security of their homeland in search of a better life. Parking is available, and the quiet nature of the park would make it an excellent location for a picnic with the family, as well as a place to honor your own ancestors.

Satellite Map

Park Information

Name: Immigrant Place
Location: corner of Chesnut Street and Short Street
Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Fields: No
Field types: Not Applicable
Dugouts: Not Applicable
Spectator Seating: Not Applicable
Tennis Courts: No
Basketball Court: No
Lights: Not Applicable

Playground: No
Surface: Not Applicable
Jungle-Gym Not Applicable
Slide: Not Applicable
Swings: Not Applicable
Monkey Bars: Not Applicable
Picnic Tables: No
Other: None
Fence: Along rivers edge

Restrooms: No
Type: Not Applicable
Handicapped Accessible: Not Applicable

Parking: Yes
Number of spaces: 16
Number of handicapped spaces: 2
Paved: Yes