Inspectional Services

Our Mission

The Inspectional Services Department’s main objective is to promote safety and public health along with enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Lawrence. We are committed to the delivery of effective, courteous, and responsive services to our community and its visitors.

We are obligated to uphold very specific state and local rules and regulations regarding the safe construction of buildings, the certification of structures both commercial and residential, and the habitability of dwelling units. We are also responsible for the enforcement of the State Sanitary Codes, the testing of weighing and measuring devices, as well as monitoring the preparation and dispensing of food to the public. We process and issue all relevant permits, licenses and certificates. 

Office Hours

Monday thru Friday 8;30 am -4;30 pm

Inspectors Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8;30 am-10:00 am and 1pm-2pm

Contact Information

City Hall
200 Common Street
2nd. Floor Room 209
Lawrence, Massachusetts 01840

Telephone Phone:
(978) 620-3130

(978) 722-9320

Office Staff

Pat Ruiz (
Inspectional Service Director
Tel: (978) 620-3140

Building Department Inspectors

Peter M Blanchette (
Building Commissioner                   
Tel: (978) 620-3131   

Jose Negron (
Local Building Inspector
Tel: (978) 620-3147

David Palumbo (
Local Building Inspector
Tel: (978) 620-3142

Horacio Rodriguez (
Local Building Inspector
Tel: (978) 620-3151

Glenn Fleming (
Plumbing  & Gas Inspector
Tel: (978) 620-3149

Housing Code Inspectors

Raymond Gilbert (
Tel: (978) 620-3141

Michael Hanson (
Tel: (978) 620-3136

Orlando maldonado (
Tel: (978) 620-3130

Raul Batistine (
Tel: (978) 620-3146

Food Inspector

Valda Miller (
Tel: (978) 620-3137

Health Code Inspectors

Rosa Piña (
Tel: (978) 620-3148

Weights and Measures

Julian Perez (
Tel: (978) 620-3264

City Nurse

Board of Health

Tel: (978) 620-3131

Dr. Joel Gorn M.D, Chairman
Steven Gil, R.N. Asst. Chairman