Chelsea, MA—Declaring February 10th as J.S.B. Industries Day in the City of Lawrence, Mayor William Lantigua helped to officially open a new state-of-the-art baking facility for J.S.B. Industries. Currently configured to bake, pack and freeze Snack’N Loaves and Muffin Tops, the new bakery at 309 Andover Street nearly doubles J.S.B.’s capacity to bake these products.

The latest technology in production, product safety and sanitation, have been incorporated into the renovation of this 82,830 sq. ft. building. Most of the new equipment is made in the U.S.A., and has been specifically configured to complement the total remodel of the building.

In addition to their 100,000 sq. ft. bakery in Chelsea, when running at full capacity, the new facility will be able to produce 8-10,000 cases of baked goods per day. J.S.B. bakes and freezes a wide variety of muffins, cornbreads, loaves, bagels and muffin tops for retailers and food service providers located across the United States. In addition, the Smart Choice brand offers school systems across the country a wide variety of whole grain baked goods that helps educators meet new guidelines for nutrition.

“As our production ramps up, we hope to triple the number of employees we have hired from Lawrence”, states Jack Anderson, president and CEO of J.S.B. Industries. “This entire venture could not have taken place without the strong and steady support received from Mayor William Lantigua, Chief Economic Development Director Patrick Blanchette, and Art McCabe, Community Development Manager for the City of Lawrence.”

After touring the facility Mayor William Lantigua showed his pride in the industrial growth of Lawrence. “It’s hard to believe how this building was transformed since the groundbreaking this past fall. But Jack Anderson and his family at J.S.B. Industries has rewarded our office and our city with an amazing addition to our growing industrial sector. It has been a professional honor to create this partnership between J.S.B. and Lawrence. Our work together is creating a model for future partnerships between the City and private industry, fulfilling my promise for Economic Development and job creation in the City.”

“J.S.B. Industries, with the help of many government and economic development agencies in Lawrence, was able to receive special tax benefits from both the state and federal government. The high level of our unemployment, makes Lawrence one of only a few ‘renewal communities’ in the USA”, states Patrick Blanchette, Mayor Lantigua’s Chief Economic Development Director. “We have been rewarded by J.S.B.’s understanding that Lawrence offers a wonderful multi-ethnic work force of new Americans, and has successfully hired and trained them to work in this new hi-tech baking facility.”

J.S.B. Industries is the home of Muffin Town, Aesops Bagels, Smart Choice whole grain baked goods, and Madeline’s Gourmet Cookies.

J.S.B. Industries will continue to maintain corporate headquarters at 130 Crescent Avenue, Chelsea, Massachusetts. Please visit www.muffintown.com.