Lawrence Street Under Construction

By: Alberto Surís ( |

On Monday, November 29th, 2010, the City of Lawrence started the first phase of the resurfacing of Lawrence Street, from Maple Street all the way up to the Methuen line. The second phase, from Maple to Canal St. will be done next year, according to Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua.

“The price tag for the first phase job is $282K, a substantial improvement to the city, said Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua and added, “People used to say referring to the conditions of our streets, ‘driving from Methuen you noticed the difference as soon as you enter in Lawrence.’ Soon it will be the opposite,” said Lantigua.

“We are happy that the street is being fi xed,” said Reyes Castro, floor manager of Raquel Market, located at 296 Lawrence St. “But we have not been informed as to how long the work is going to take and in the meantime, sales are down.”

Yolanda Rodriguez, owner of 4 Seasons Laundromat, located at 149 Lawrence St. at the corner of Fitz St., have similar complaints: “Nobody told us about this, and my business depends on having plenty of parking so customers can bring in and pick up their laundry,” said Rodriguez and added, “If they are working at the other end of the street, why is it that people can’t park here now?”

Andy Wall, Senior Engineer for the City of Lawrence said that DPW did not visit the merchants individually to let them know about the work to be done, but placed construction signs on both sides of the street the day before Thanksgiving, (Wednesday, November 24, 2910) for the merchants to know, besides the drivers.

According to Wall, the work is scheduled to be all done, weather permitting, by Friday, no later than Saturday, December 4.

Lantigua said that people should not compare the work being done in Lawrence St. with the fiasco of Broadway several years ago. “Lawrence St. will be done within the next 7 to 10 days. I wish we can continue with all the city streets, but due to budgets constraints this is all we can do this year,” said the mayor. “My goal is to do (pave) all the city streets within the next three years.”

During his visit to the worksite, Mayor Lantigua had the opportunity to talk to several merchants and promised that he will make time to visit with all of them to explain about the progress of the work.