City Of Lawrence


Letter From Mayor William Lantigua

April 25, 2011

Dear Friend,

In January of 2010, I took a very special oath to maintain the integrity and honor of the office of Mayor of the Great City of Lawrence. To this date, I am proud to say that I have always acted with honesty and with the utmost respect for the awesome responsibilities that I have sworn to uphold, both as State Representative and now as your Mayor.

Over the course of this past Easter weekend some serious allegations, from anonymous sources, have called into question my integrity and that of my administration. I take these allegations very seriously and welcome any and all parties to contact me with whatever questions they may have about these anonymous accusations. It is extremely troubling that innuendo and blog gossip have now made their way into mainstream media to discredit me, the character of my administration, and the reputation of the City of Lawrence as a whole.

I have nothing to hide, and will remain focused on my job as Mayor of this Great City.

As you all know, I inherited a difficult situation in January 2010, with a $24.5 million deficit that required me to make many tough choices. I realize that some of these budget decisions have not been welcomed with open arms. I understand that our ongoing union negotiations at times are not amicable. I know that future decisions regarding budgets, personnel and policy will not always be to everyone’s liking. However, I was elected to make fundamental changes. I was elected to submit a balanced budget to the Commonwealth and to make judgments that may not always be popular, but which I believe are in the best interest of our City and its future success.

It has been a remarkable 15 months since I took the oath of office, and I pledge to you that I will not allow distractions to interfere with the job we have undertaken. This weekend’s accusations have strengthened my commitment to the people of this Great City, and to all of you with whom I work on a daily basis to provide the necessary services to our citizenry in a fair, professional and honest manner.

Thank you. I hope you will join me in continuing to build upon the progress we have made together.


William Lantigua
Mayor, The Great City of Lawrence

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