Mayor Lantigua announces Sale of City Property

Please note that Mayor Lantigua is happy to announce the sale of 10 vacant city parcels. The City Council voted on January 4th in support of Mayor Lantigua’s recommendations to sell 10 city owned lots. The sale represents a total of $417,201.00 which will be received into the City coffers within the next 30-45 days. A portion of this amount is proceeds from the sale of the Storrow School for $200,300.00. This money has to be used to pay down debt service as it’s a city owned building. The other properties were taken through the tax title process and will go to the general fund.

Several other properties are currently being reviewed for sale by the Housing Committee and could generate another $320K in additional revenue towards the general fund. The Planning Department continues to work to advertise another round of properties for sale through both the Request for Proposal (RFP) process and direct disposition (yard sale) process. Additional properties are expected to be advertised and made available for public notice within the next two weeks.

“This is a great start to the new year” stated Mayor Lantigua. “I feel confident that we can hit my goal of $1million in sales during Fiscal Year 2011. I have charged members of my administration with the oversight of this process and I am very pleased at the progress being made to take the City of Lawrence out of the real estate business. With over 120 vacant city owned properties, we have an opportunity to increase revenue; both one time and long term property taxes, along with improving the quality of life of our neighborhoods. The people of Lawrence are sick of looking at these vacant lots and abandoned buildings and then to find out that we as a city own them and have been sitting on them for so long is embarrassing”, Mayor Lantigua further added.

This past RFP process included legal advertisements, notice to direct abutters, notice on city website and local government access television. The City also posted “for sale” signs on the properties to garner interest from the public.

The following properties were sold last evening for various uses including parking, housing, and educational purposes.

1) 17-19 Pleasant Street = $36,000.00
2) 67-75 South Union Street = $30,500.00
3) 13-15 Haverhill Street = $50,200.00
4) 37 Haverhill Street = $10,100.00
5) 50 Pleasant Street = $200,300.00
6) 2 Butler Street = $15,001.00
7) 37-39 Butler Street = $27,100.00
8) Butler Street (map 188/lot 93) = $15,000.00
9) 12-14 Wilmot Street = $10,000.00
10) 152-154 Bailey Street = $23,000.00

For more information about the disposition of City owned properties please contact the Planning Department at (978) 620-3505 or Economic Development at (978) 620-3016.