City Of Lawrence


Mayor William Lantigua renews commitment to Employee Accrual Oversight

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mayor William Lantigua of Lawrence announced today that he has organized a team to research payroll management systems to better account for employee time including sick, personal and vacation accruals. 

Prior to taking office in January 2010, Mayor Lantigua adamantly urged former Mayor Michael Sullivan to review all employee pay-outs for accuracy before issuing large departing checks that would impact the growing fiscal deficit in Lawrence.  Sullivan, himself was seeking a payout of accrued sick and vacation time upon leaving office. 

“I have never questioned the years of service that our employees have dedicated  to our Great City of Lawrence, which I am forever grateful.  However, we must scrutinize the recording of time diligently so we don’t drain city finances inappropriately,” stated Mayor William Lantigua.  I get very alarmed when I have to sign off on $100,000 payments to employees on the day they retire.  This amount is on top of their monthly retirement checks that they will start receiving from the City.” further explained Lantigua. 

Mayor Lantigua’s renewed commitment to employee accrual oversight comes on the heels of a recent retirement by Lawrence Police Captain David Kelley who is seeking a $97,000.00 payout this month.  Police Officer Paul Misserville is also slated for over $56,000.00 in accruals.  These two Police payouts come at a time when Mayor Lantigua is seeking to restore additional Police Officers back to the force. 

These two recent payouts along with larger balloon payments made to Caroyln Traficanti ($114,000.00), Frank McCann ($99,000.00), Linda Schiavone ($83,000.00) and Bernard Reilly ($100,000.00) last year have further energized the Mayor’s new initiative. 

Mayor Lantigua has asked Personnel Director Frank Bonet and Management Information Systems Director Rob Harhen to take the lead on this proposal and start reviewing payroll tracking software, data collection services and management compliance tools, which will help improve workforce productivity and city labor costs in the future.  Mayor Lantigua will also have his new Budget and Finance Director Mark Ianello on this team.