City Of Lawrence


Planning Board

Lawrence Planning Board consists of Five (5) full time members’ and One (1) associate member which serve Five (5) year terms.

The Lawrence Planning Board shall have the following responsibility;

A. The planning board shall have all of the powers and duties granted to planning boards by General Laws, chapter 41, sections 81A to 8IGG inclusive, and acts in amendment thereof and in addition thereto.

B. Planning Board and their officers and agents, as far as they deem necessary in carrying out the subdivision control law, enter upon any lands, make examinations and surveys, and place and maintain monuments and marks.

C. A Planning Board is required to “make careful studies and when necessary prepare plans of the resources, possibilities and needs of the city or town”, and to report to the city council, with its recommendations. It will report annually to the city council, giving information regarding the condition of the city and any plans or proposals for its development, with estimates of the cost involved.


All members of boards, commissions, authorities, and committees of the city, whether appointed by the mayor or the city council, shall be residents of the city unless otherwise provided for in the General Laws or in the Municipal Code, with the exception that no more than three members of the airport commission may be nonresidents. Boards and Commissions Applications are available at the City of Lawrence, Office of the Mayor Daniel Rivera, 200 Common St. 3rd floor, Lawrence, MA 01840, or download an application at under the job posting/board openings page.

Deadline for applications is until selected and filled. Please send your application to the above said address. Said appointment is subject to the appointment of the Mayor Daniel Rivera and the confirmation of the Lawrence City Council.

The City of Lawrence is an Equal Opportunity Employer, Mayor Daniel Rivera

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The scheduled March 2nd meeting will be postponed until March 8th.

Planning generally meets the first Wednesday of the month.

Deadlines are 21 days before the meeting.