City Of Lawrence


Prospect Hill Historical District Commission

Seven (7) full time member openings;

Prospect Hill Historic Commission consists of Five (5) full time members, and Two (2) associate members, which serve three (3) year terms.

The Prospect Hill Historic Commission shall have the following responsibility;

A. The district commission shall have all the powers of a historic district commission as described in chapter 40C of the Massachusetts General Laws. The commission shall adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of its business, not inconsistent with chapter 40C of the General Laws, or with the purpose of this chapter, and in accordance with the procedures set out in the Charter.

B. The district commission may apply for, receive and accept on behalf of the city appropriations, grants and gifts for the furthering of the purposes of this chapter. It may establish an historic marker program; publish guides, maps and other appropriate publications to illustrate historical and architectural resources of the historic district. It may also administer any properties or lesser interests which may be acquired.

C. The district commission shall propose changes in the Lawrence historic district boundaries and additional historic districts as it deems appropriate. Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 40C, will guide the procedures for these activities.

D. The district commission shall coordinate historic preservation activities, and oversee the preparation and implementation of historic preservation plans.

E. The district commission shall provide assistance to owners of historic structures on matters pertaining to preservation.

F. The district commission shall act at all times with a clear understanding of the need of the residents of the historic district to enjoy the progress of contemporary life in the use of their home and properties.


All members of boards, commissions, authorities, and committees of the city, whether appointed by the mayor or the city council, shall be residents of the city unless otherwise provided for in the General Laws or in the Municipal Code, with the exception that no more than three members of the airport commission may be nonresidents. Boards and Commissions Applications are available at the City of Lawrence, Office of the Mayor Daniel Rivera, 200 Common St 3rd floor, Lawrence, MA 01840, or download an application at under the job posting/board openings page.

Deadline for applications is until selected and filled. Please send your application to the above said address. Said appointment is subject to the appointment of the Mayor Daniel Rivera and the confirmation of the Lawrence City Council.

The City of Lawrence is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Daniel Rivera, Mayor


David Bain, Jr.
Tel: 978-620-3500


Mariel Silverio
Tel: 978-655-4335 (Cell)

Rebecca J. Jani
Tel: 978-689-0037 (Home)
978-645-1925 (Cell)

Luz Santana
Tel: 978-681-8805 (Home)
978-857-7655 (Cell)

Administrative Assistant

Anne-Marie Nyhan-Doherty
Tel:  978-620-3503

Land Use Planner

Daniel McCarthy
Tel:  978-620-3505


Last Monday of each month.

Click here for the Historic District City Ordinance.

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