Recreation Frequently Asked Questions

· Where is the Lawrence Recreation Department located?
The Recreation Department is located at Lawrence City Hall; 200 Common Street, Room 8 (Basement Level)

· What are your hours of operation?
The office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

· What is the phone number for the Lawrence Recreation Department?
The Recreation Departments phone number is (978) 620-3250.

· What does the Recreation Department do?
The Recreation Department is responsible for scheduling youth and adult programs for the citizens of Lawrence. We develop, provide and maintain recreational program facilities and leisure resources for the citizens and visitors of the community.

· Can I pay for a program by Credit Card?
Unfortunately not at this time.

· Can I register for your programs by phone?
Unfortunately not at this time.

· Where is Lawrence Veteran’s Memorial Stadium Located?
North Parish Road adjacent to new high school.

· How can I book a group to use a field? Is there a fee for the use of the park?
Call the Recreation Department at 978 620-3250 and we will check the availability of the date. There is a fee for Adult groups to use the park: Individuals must then come into the office for actual permit.

1. No Alcohol or cooking allowed in parks per ordinance.
2. Clean up responsibility is for permit holder

· How do I know if a program is cancelled due to weather conditions?
You can call the Recreation Department at 978 620-3251 or 978 620-3252 and there will be a message on our answering machine when programs or games are cancelled due to bad weather.

· How old do I have to be to work as a playground councilor for the Recreation Department?
You must be 16 years of age by July 1st, as with all positions, individuals are hired depending on the experience that they have that is in relation to the job description. Individuals who are applying for Playground positions are hired depending on their experience, etc. Applications are accepted until all positions are filled. You can obtain an application through the Recreation Department.

· Do I have to get a permit to use one of the neighborhood parks for a cookout or picnic?
No cookouts are allowed in the city of Lawrence parks.

· Can permits be revoked?
Yes for failure to comply with rules i.e. alcohol, trash, fighting, playing on excessive wet or muddy fields. Unofficial use of lights.

· Is there an additional fee for lighted fields?
Yes, call the Recreation Department for fee structure.