City Of Lawrence


Campagnone Common Park Renovations

Renovations to Lawrence's historic Campagnone Common are currently underway.  The 17.5 acre common in the heart of downtown was given to the City of Lawrence by the Essex Company in 1848.  Charles Storrow and Frederic Law Olmsted design for the Common is an example of Baroque garden design.  The geometric path system is arranged around two main cross axis that focuses the viewer's perspective to the horizon line, making the property look even larger.

Phase 1 of the renovations will focus on upgrading the lighting on the Common.  All the existing overhead wires be buried and the lights will be replaced with the classic acorn light fixture.  The new lights will be LED fixtures, which have the potential to reduce by 50 percent the amount of energy required to light the common.  The fixtures should last longer than fifteen years; considerably reducing the need to constantly replace burnt out lamps. This reduces the need to deploy maintenance trucks and personnel by up to 7 times, saving the city money, and lowering their carbon emissions at the same time. 

In addition to lighting upgrades, the City will be installing the Centennial Flag Pole to commemorate the anniversary of the 1912 strike, drinking fountains, trash receptacles, and benches.  On April 21, community members will plant 30 new trees on the Common to begin a concerted effort to restore the grand allĂ©es of trees along the main paths.

Phase 2 of the renovations will focus on restoring the entries along Jackson Street and installing a new playground.  Many game tables and benches will also be installed.

Funding for phase 1 is provided by the Community Development Block Grant Program, the Land and Water Conservation Fund.  Funding for phase 2 is provided by Community Development Block Grant Program, the Massachusetts Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities Program, the Community Builders, and the Lawrence Redevelopment Authority.