Our Mission

The Treasury Department serves as a municipality’s cash manager. The Treasurer is responsible for all monies received and for the investment of those monies, disbursement of all accounts payable and payroll funds. The Treasurer is also the custodian of all trust funds within the City. The Treasurer plays a principal role in municipal borrowing and the managing of tax title accounts.

Contact Information

City Hall
200 Common Street
1st. Floor Room 102
Lawrence, Massachusetts 01840

Telephone Phone:
(978) 620-3180

(978) 722-9250

Office Staff:

Kelly Oakes (
Treasurer/Tax Collector
Telephone: (978) 620-3180

Maria Arias  (
Assistant Treasurer
Telephone: (978) 620-3181

Denise Goujon (
Principal Account Clerk
Telephone: (978) 620-3183

Robert Runge (
Principle Account Clerk
Telephone: (978) 620-3184