City Hall
200 Common Street, Suite 204
Lawrence, MA 01840
Tel. (978) 620-3110
Fax. (978) 722-9170


Lawrence Water & Sewer Department
200 Common Street, Suite 204
Lawrence, MA 01840
Tel. (978) 620-3110
Fax. (978) 722-9170

The Water & Sewer Billing Office is responsible for reading approximately 11,500 residential and commercial water meters, and billing the corresponding account owners. This office performs about 600 real-estate transfer readings and inspections per year.

Other responsibilities include the installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of all remote reading devices, as well as the inspection and activation of all water meters.

Current Water & Sewer Rates

Water: $3.10 per HCF (approx. 748 gallons)
(Minimum charge of 7HCF or $21.70 applies per billing period)

Sewer: $3.35 per HCF (approx. 748 gallons)

Hours of Operation and Labor Rates

The Lawrence Water & Sewer Department performs maintenance and repair work Monday through Friday from 7:00AM to 3:00PM. Any work to private infrastructure performed during these times is subject to normal rates, as specified in the Schedule of Fees and Service Charges. Work performed outside of these hours are subject to the following labor rate structure:

After-hours and Saturdays - $60.00 per hour ($480.00 minimum)
Sundays and Holidays - $80.00 per hour ($640.00 minimum)
(2-man crew required for safety reasons; 4-hour minimum apply to all jobs during these times)

Rules and Regulations of the Water & Sewer Department

Click here to view and/or download a copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Water & Sewer Department, as adopted by the Lawrence City Council on September 16, 2014.

Current Water & Sewer Schedule of Fees and Service Charges

Click here to download a list of all fees and service charges.

How to Read Your Water Meter

Click here for information on how to read your new residential water meter.

How to Change the Name and/or Billing Address on Your Account

A request for a change to the name and/or billing address on your account must be made in writing, by submitting a Name and Billing Address Change Form in person to our Billing Office, located at 200 Common Street, Suite 204, Lawrence, MA 01840. A copy of the deed and valid government-issued identification must be presented at the time of the request.


Requests for final readings may be made in writing and mailed to our office, or by calling us at (978) 620-3110 during normal business hours. 

The Water & Sewer Department requires that all requests for final bills be received at least one week in advance. In all cases, we will attempt to process final bills in a timely manner, but in no way guarantee that they will be processed in under one week.

Per Section IV.A.6. of the Rules & Regulations, payment for all final bills must be made by cash (under $50.00), certified or bank check, or attorney’s IOLTA check drawn on a Massachusetts bank, in order to avoid the possibility of final payments becoming uncollectible due to insufficient funds.  Both a visual and electronic readings may be obtained to generate a final bill.

For additional information, please call the Billing Office at (978) 620-3110.