Curbside Trash Collection


The City’s curbside trash collection program serves all residential buildings with 6 or fewer housing units. Trash is collected on a weekly basis; the City is divided into five sections, with each section being serviced on a different day of the week. For more information on this, please see the Collection Schedule

The program does not serve business establishments, mixed-use properties (including apartment units over any business establishment), nor residential buildings with 7 or more housing units. Property owners must arrange for private pick-up of solid waste for these buildings. 

Trash Containers

Each unit of housing is allocated one 65-gallon trash container. The container must be pre-approved by the City and must meet certain specifications. As such, the City has assigned the contractor as the sole provider of trash containers. Hauling and disposal service for this container is free of charge. 

Trash must be securely bagged and placed inside of the containers. The lid must be properly closed in order to ensure that wildlife is unable to access the trash.

Households requiring additional trash disposal capacity have 2 options:

  1. Purchase Overflow Bags
  2. Purchase Additional Trash Container

Overflow Bags

Residents can purchase specially-marked "overflow bags" in order to dispose of additional trash that does not properly fit in the trash containers. Each bag has a capacity of 33 gallons. Bags should be tied tightly and placed neatly alongside your trash barrel on your trash pickup day.

Overflow bags may be purchased by visiting the Department of Public Works or by calling 978-620-3090. The bags come in packages of 5.

Additional Trash Containers

"Additional" trash containers refer to any number of containers above the allocated one (1) container per unit of housing. For instance, if you own a 2-family home, you are allocated 2 trash containers. If you require a third container, the third container is considered "additional".

Households requiring additional trash containers may purchase them by contacting the Department of Public Works. An annual service charge for each additional container will apply.

Additional Trash Containers may only be purchased by the property owner, and should be surrendered upon sale or transfer of the property. Failure to surrender the container may result in the annual charge continuing to be assessed to the new property owner. 

Replacement Trash Containers

"Replacement" trash containers refer to any number of containers meant to replace a damaged or stolen container. 

Households requiring replacement trash containers may purchase them by contacting the Department of Public Works.

If the container being replaced is damaged, the damaged container must be surrendered at the time of replacement. If the container has been lost or stolen, a police report must be filed and submitted to the DPW at the time of purchase.


Overflow Bags
(package of 5)
65-Gallon Trash Container
Annual Fee for Trash Container
(Collection and Disposal Fee)
Pro-rated Monthly Fee for Trash Container
(Collection and Disposal Fee)

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact the Department of Public Works by calling 978-620-3090.

Bulk Item Disposal

Bulk items, such as furniture and mattresses will be picked up on the same day as trash and recycling pickup. Per the City’s agreement with the waste hauling contractor, a number of smaller items can be disposed of free of charge. These items are limited to one per household per week. Charges for additional items apply. Please refer to the below Bulk Item Price Sheet for additional details and pricing. 

To schedule a pickup, please call Capitol Waste Services on their Service Line at 1-844-377-1718.

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