Water Main Replacement Projects

The City of Lawrence is continuing its efforts to improve water quality and fire flows throughout the City.  As a result, water main replacement will begin in late August 2017 continue through 2018 weather permitting.  Residents will be notified as well as notices through local media. Below is a tentative timeline:

2017: August/September

  • Berkley Street
  • Durso Avenue, Cutler Street
  • East Haverhill Street
  • Ferry Street
  • High Street
  • Knox Street
  • Texas Avenue

2018: April

  • Amherst Street
  • Clifton Street
  • Easton Street
  • Jackson Street
  • Market Street
  • Saratoga Street
  • Sherman Street
  • South Broadway Street (Area)
  • South Union Street
  • Sunset Street
  • Wilber Street