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yard_waste_0Yard Waste

Yard waste is picked up during the spring, summer, and fall months, on the same day as your trash and recycling pickup. The schedule varies based on the time of year. For an updated schedule, please visit the Collection Schedule page. 

In order to properly dispose of yard waste, it must be placed in paper bags, or in containers clearly labeled as "Yard Waste". 

Small bundles of branches/sticks may be disposed of outside of paper bags or containers, provided they meet all of the following conditions: 4 inches or less in diameter; and 4 feet or shorter in length; and must be tied together neatly with twine or other biodegradable rope (plastic rope is not allowed); and total diameter of bundle must not exceed 18 inches. If you are unable to comply with all of these conditions, please use paper bags or containers to dispose of these items. 

Only yard waste can be disposed of under this section. This includes: leaves, grass, plant waste, small light trimmings, brush, branches, sticks, twigs, and shrubs. Examples of excluded items include: soil, pots (from potted plants), hardscape (brick, slate, concrete, etc.), lime, plant food, pesticides or herbicides, etc.

Yard Waste Stickers

For your convenience, the DPW has yard waste stickers that you may affix to your containers. This option could save you hundreds of dollars in avoided purchases of paper bags.

To obtain a yard waste sticker, please contact the Department of Public Works by calling 978-620-3090 or visit us at City Hall, 200 Common Street, Suite 201, Lawrence, MA 01840.

Yard Waste Sticker

Christmas Trees

The City will pick up and dispose of live Christmas trees during the first two weeks of January. Trees must be free of tinsel and decorations. This does not include artificial trees; artificial trees must be disposed of with your regular trash.

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