Where is the Lawrence Recreation Department located?

The Recreation Department is located at:

Lawrence City Hall
200 Common Street
Room 8 (Basement Level)
Lawrence, MA 01841

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1. Where is the Lawrence Recreation Department located?
2. What are your hours of operation?
3. What is the phone number for the Lawrence Recreation Department?
4. What does the Recreation Department do?
5. Can I pay for a program by credit card?
6. Can I register for your programs by phone?
7. Where is Lawrence Veteran’s Memorial Stadium Located?
8. How can I book a group to use a field? Is there a fee for the use of the park?
9. How do I know if a program is cancelled due to weather conditions?
10. How old do I have to be to work as a playground councilor for the Recreation Department?
11. Do I have to get a permit to use one of the neighborhood parks for a cookout or picnic?
12. Can permits be revoked?
13. Is there an additional fee for lighted fields?