Business Certificate Application

Business Certificate Application Instructions

***This application is available online***

In order to obtain a business certificate each applicant must:

  1.  Complete the acknowledgment certificate.** 
  2. Complete Business Certificate application in Citizenserve
    1. Click on the blue handshake icon Business Certificate  
    2. Sign in if you Already have an account? 
    3. If not, Go to New to our portal?  Then click on REGISTER NOW 
    4. Login with your credentials
    5. You will see landing page for APPLY FOR A LICENSE 
    6. Application Type: Business Certificate  
    7. Select Sub Type: (i.e. General) 
    8. Business Name and Address or Parcel # is mandatory. 
    9. Click on FIND ADDRESS 
    10. Upload signed and notarized acknowledgement certificate, proceed to fill out the rest of the application and click on SUBMIT
      • A message will appear “Your application has been received” then Click OK 
      • A new window will open to process  payment
      • Click on Make Payment and you will be redirected to “City Hall System”  

Note: Certificate will not be issued until payment is received and all departments have approved the application (Tax Collectors, Water and Sewer, Fire Department and Inspectional Services)

**Acknowledgement certificate must be signed, notarized and uploaded with initial application.

File a Copy of a Certificate of Good Corporate Standing

Corporate owners must file a “copy” of a “Certificate of Good Corporate Standing” issued by the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts dated within one year from the date of submission regardless of the location of the Corporate Offices. 

Provide Corporate Headquarters Location

Corporate filers must provide the location of the corporate headquarters in addition to the Lawrence business location for each business sight. Please note that filing a business certificate with the City of Lawrence will not result in the exclusive reservation of your business name or trade name. Additional filings with other State and/or Federal Agencies may be required in order to secure exclusive use of a business name or trade name. Please consult with your legal representative or directly with any such agency to determine the requirements for securing a business or trade name.

Business Certificate Validity

The certificate is valid for 4 years from date of registration and recording by the Office of the City Clerk.

Issued Business Certificate Withdrawal

In order to withdraw a previously issued business certificate, complete the form indicating that it is for the purpose of “withdrawal” of the business and file the form with the Office of the City Clerk along with a $20 fee to withdraw the business. A certified copy of the withdrawal will be issued for your use upon filing and recording.

For Additional Information

Please feel free to contact the Office of the City Clerk if you or your firm require additional information or have any questions concerning this matter.

Updated: January 21, 2021