A hotworks permit shall be obtained from the Fire Department by the person performing any welding or cutting operations within or attached to any structure. A hotworks permit will also be required for any contractor conducting hotworks operations without an electrical or plumbing permit. (i.e refrigeration work or HVAC work.) The Fire Department shall be notified previous to any hotworks operations to determine if a permit or fire department detail will be required. A fire department detail shall be provided to safeguard against the ignition of any material by the welding or cutting operation, to make use of portable fire extinguishers or fire hose, and to perform similar fire prevention and fire protection duties. The fire detail shall remain on the job at least 30 minutes after the welding or cutting operations have been completed to insure that no fire exists.

To file for a hotworks permit please follow the link below to find fire department permits.  Create an account and fill out welding/hotworks application with necessary attached documentation:

Lawrence permits

 Please note: The Fire Department must approve the application before the start of any welding operations

To Request a Fire Department Detail please call 978-382-2266.

** Hotworks Safety Guidelines available in forms & documents section.