Dumpster Requirements


Any dumpster larger than 6 cubic yards shall require a permit from the Fire Prevention Bureau (527 CMR 19.1.1). Permits are available online by following this link LFD permits, click on fire department permits, create an account, and fill out application for dumpster permit.  You are required to submit dumpster company contact info and a plot plan of proposed dumpster placement as well.

Fire Department dumpster permits are $50 for up to three months.  Dumpsters placed on the street or public way require a permit to obstruct from inspectional services.


  • Dumpsters shall not be placed within 20 feet of an intersection.
  • Dumpsters shall not be placed within 10 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • Dumpsters shall not be placed in such a manner to obstruct vehicular traffic.
  •  Dumpsters shall not be placed in such a manner to impede Fire Department Apparatus.
  •  Dumpsters shall not be placed in such a manner that it will interfere with ingress or egress from a structure.
  • Dumpsters shall not be placed under fire escapes.
  •  Dumpsters shall have the name and telephone number of the company or person from which emergency service to expedite movement of the container can be obtained.
  • Dumpsters shall not be stored in buildings or placed within 10ft of combustible walls, openings, or combustible overhangs..
  • Dumpsters adjacent to buildings shall not be placed so that the top of the container is less than five (5) feet vertically and horizontally below any window.
  •  Dumpsters shall be emptied when full.
  • Containers which require mechanical assistance to move shall be provided with a means of access to the interior, without disconnecting from a compactor unit or they shall have a minimum port opening of two (2) inches in diameter through which water may be introduced for extinguishing fire. The opening shall be labeled in accordance with 527 CMR 34.05:(2).