Gas Disaster Business Support

Hello all,

As you know, we have been busy working to provide the residents and the businesses impacted by the Columbia Gas Disaster in the City of Lawrence with support. We know any businesses continue to fight for their claims money with Columbia Gas and are struggling to bring back customers to increase sales.

The 4 things (of many going on) I wanted to update you on are:

  • $3,000 Rental/Mortgage Support
  • 10 weeks of Spanish Language TV marketing -
  • Oversize English & Spanish Mail Marketing Piece
  • Consumer Incentive Promotion: SHOP.SHARE.WIN


$3,000 Rental/Mortgage Support -

This effort is to provide direct incentive/support to impacted business by paying one month lease or mortgage. EparaTodos & MCCI outreach team, who is supporting “rock the register” and incentive program outreach will also promote on a pre-determined schedule (within the existing outreach schedule already in place).

APPLICATION PROCESS/REQUIREMENTS - Single sheet application process, including: Name of business, address, lease amount, amount requested, landlord information, w-9, etc.All businesses apply directly with MCCI in-person (during application, MCCI will also informally assess if they would like to take advantage of other resources available).

50 Island Street, Entry B, Suite 103, Lawrence, Ma. - MCCI office hours are M-F, 9-4 - Phone: English (978)258-2772 Ext 18 - Spanish (978) 258-2772 Ext 16 - applications will be taken all week.

Application will require verification

  • Applicant qualifies (ie. is on impacted business list), 2. Recipient of the check is landlord/building owner, a. Copy of lease/mortgage statement, b. If no lease, proof of previous rental payment


All businesses that are on the ‘impacted businesses list’ - Within the City of Lawrence. Any business that previously received financial support still qualifies - Maximum benefit per business is $3,000.00

10 weeks of Spanish Language TV marketing -

This is a 10 Week Spanish TV ad campaign to get Spanish speaking customers to go back and shop in the affected area. It will air on Telemundo  4-5 times a day, Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays & 1 time on Saturday. For 10 weeks. This is on top of the Spanish & English radio, and Spanish & English print ad campaign you've seen on billboards, transit stations and public transportation.

Oversize English & Spanish Mail Marketing Piece

In an effort to give more marketing and drive more people to businesses, we are mailing a flyer to all the people that reside in the impacted area encouraging them to buy at the businesses in their neighborhood.

  • It will be an 11x17 double sided, English/Spanish, full color mail piece designed to Rock the Register, explaining what is the campaign and that its intent is to help local businesses impacted by the gas disaster.
  • In order to provide the most accurate information regarding the campaign, the mailer is projected to hit homes in about 15 days. 

Consumer Incentive Promotion: SHOP.SHARE.WIN

In addition to the Rock the Register ad campaign, an online consumer incentive program is taking place until from July 15-August 23. 

  • This incentive is designed to encourage consumers to shop local.  The customer is encouraging to share a picture shopping in a business in the impacted area on social media for a chance to win a $500 gift card. 
  • The promotion's intent is to draw customers to the businesses impacted.  To participate or enter to win, the customer has to share a photo shopping at the business which in turn provides free marketing to that business. 
  • Attached is a flyer you can print and post in your business to encourage customers to participate and market your business. 

 Additional resources and information for business owners, including marketing material for Rock the Register to display in your business, is available at

For more information on the Rock the Register campaign visit